KBH Group History

The KBH GROUP of companies came into being in 1975 with the formation of Tradinco Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (later changed to KBH Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd.) and KBH Merchants (Pty) Ltd, an export/import trading company in South Africa.

From these beginnings a diverse group of companies ensued, including:

During the following years the KBH Group of Companies were involved in a wide variety of activities. Subsequently, certain activities were terminated/sold and the Group now concentrates on trading in iron ore, raw materials, commodities and industrial products/equipment, transport logistic, shipping and finance/project consultancy services, particularly in Africa, S.E. Asia, China and the Middle East.

Since 1985, KBH developed the export of steel scrap from Southern Africa to the Far East, South East Asia and India and, from 1992, became the single largest South African exporter of steel scrap through its subsidiary, KBH Metals & Alloys (Pty) Ltd. In February 1999, the business activities of KBH Metals and Alloys (Pty) Ltd., were sold to the newly formed Reclamation Group and, as a result, KBH became a shareholder in ‘The Reclamation Group, which is today, still the largest processor and exporter of  ferrous scrap from South Africa. This shareholding was subsequently sold.

On 1st April 2004, the company resumed steel scrap trading activities and operated scrap yards and “terminals” in Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa and, together with these operations, exported from Namibia, Angola, Botswana, D.R.C and Guinea Conakry.

The steel scrap trading activities were operated through a 50% held KBH subsidiary, Metal trade (Pty) Ltd.

Metal trade, in turn, through one of its subsidiaries “Vulindlela Maritime Pty Ltd.”,  operated its own terminal in the port of Durban which, in addition to handling the scrap exports, carried out the handling of various bulk materials, dry and liquid bulk storage, ships agency, door to door logistics, Port transport and plant hire, on behalf of KBH and third parties.

KBH Group has subsequently sold its’ interest in Metal trade, to its then 50% Joint Venture Partner, and is currently trading in chrome ore, iron ore, primary and secondary steel into the International Market directly and is operating its own shipping and logistical facilities.

KBH continues to provide project finance/consultancy services to various companies/organizations both in South Africa and internationally, including the development of a Silicon Metal Plant in Oman.

Countries exported to, and projects undertaken in, over the years, include:

Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Iran, Thailand, Pakistan, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, People’s Republic of China, United Kingdom, the U.S.A., Zambia, Gabon, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville and Mozambique.

Since 2011, the Group, through its subsidiary, KBH Industrial (Pty) Ltd, has been very active in exporting Magnetite from Foskor Phalaborwa. We 2019  are currently the biggest exporter of Magnetite through the port of Richards Bay which the port will confirm over the last few years nearly 100 vessel have been loaded with Magnetite from South Africa to Mainly China , all our exports into China have been done through our liaison office in Beijing , Charter Pacific Limited

During the last three years, we have established a partnership with a beneficiation plant in China, Delong Mineral in Chengde, where a percentage of our exports are sent for beneficiation.

The Logistics group Shukuma has grown slowly over the last few years in playing a significant part of our growth and in the last 12 months we have established our own  “ships agency” company and clearing and forwarding Sea Master Maritime and Logistic Pty Ltd.

All the logistic for the movement of Magnetite from the mine to the port of Richards Bay are currently operated by Shukuma with its own machinery, except where trains are involved where TFR (Railways co) is the main supplier.

During 2016 following directive from the South African government an agreement was signed with Bosveld Phosphate in Phalaborwa to build a beneficiation plant with a capacity of 600.000 tons of concentrate with a minimum Fe content of 64.5%, the name of the company is South African Ore Beneficiation (SAOB)

Saob is currently holding sufficient stock of low grade raw material to guarantee plant life of 11 years.

Saob is currently discussing the possibility to enter further JV with miners to expand its operation in other parts of South Africa.

After production has started it is KBH’s intention to look seriously to produce Iron Pellets.

In February 2017 a MOU was signed with Foskor (Pty) Ltd. to build a second Beneficiation plant similar to the one built at Bosveld to produce a further 1,2 million tons of concentrate per annum, (Limpopo Iron Ore). LIO as at February 2019 is 70% complete , full completion and commercial opening is expected before end of 2019.

In October 2018 SAOB was officially opened and is producing now about 600.000 mt of concentrate per annum with an Fe content between 63% and 65%.

During 2019 Kbh will be opening a third plant, still within the boundaries of Bosveld in Phalaborwa, capable of producing 600/700.000 per annum of concentrate with an Fe content of 63% minimum.



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